About Blastocode Studio

Blastocode is a new startup company focused on educational games for moslem kids. It is located in Indonesia on the outer region of Jakarta. Indonesia is the greatest moslem country in the world. It’s about 85% of the population are moslems. Although we targetted a global moslem community, but Indonesia and also Malaysia is our main market because of large number of moslems on both countries.

Our vision is to help kids learning in fun and easy way through technology. We hope that educational games will encourage kids to learn. When we talk about educational games, of course it’s not an action game and other genres not suitable for children. These such games are pretty much available on the store. The competition is very crowded. Some of them caused an addiction to the kids because they can stay on the mobile devices so long. This behaviour is danger for kids. Another side effects are kids become lazy to do their home work or doing another pysical activities. These are the problems we are going to solve. Kids like playing, so we create educational game to help kids learning while playing.

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Salat Of The Prophet