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The first step to learn Arabic language
using augmented reality app & flashcards for kids

flashcards for kids

Invite your kids to play and learn at the same time with this AR (Augmented Reality) flashcards.

The AR cards not only serve as an Arabic alphabet cards but also as an animals flashcards. Your children will love to see the animals in 3D emerge from the card viewed through your mobile devices.

Your children can learn Arabic alphabets or sometime refer as hijaiyah letters,
animals name in Arabic language and Arabic numbers.


How does it work?

how the Arabic alphabet cards work

Whats inside?


28 letter cards

At the front side, the letter cards display hijaiyah letters. The bottom part feature basic harakat of the letter. At the back side you will see animals which the name’s first-letter correspond to the letter at the front side.

animals flashcards
Arabic numbers flashcards

10 number cards

At the front side, the number cards display the Arabic numbers from 1 to 10. At the back side you can see fruits as many as the number at the front side.

Packing information

The size of 1 flashcards package is: 10.3 cm width x 14.7 cm tall x 1.5 cm depth. The weight of each package is 0.198 kg. The weight of 5 flashcards packages is 1 kg.

AR cards size and weight

The Flashcards features?


Fully sharia compliance

There are no drawings of living creature. All of the animals have incomplete faces and heads separated from its bodies. Not only the AR cards, the 3D contents inside the augmented reality app also hold the same principle.

no face
flashcards for kids unique design

Unique design on each card

Each card has unique pattern coupled with variety of colors. It is designed this way to stimulate the right brain in helping the left brain to memorize the content.

Reduced risk of injuries

We designed the cards with safety in mind. That is why we make the corners of the cards are all rounded. The rounded corners will reduce the risk of paper cut and other injuries.

rounded corner flashcards hijaiyah
flashcards arabic for kids extra large

Extra large & thick

With the size of 10.2 by 14.6 cm the cards area is more then twice the size of standard cards.
Made from 310 gsm art paper. The cards also have extra thickness from standard cards.

Full color

No quality compromise in term of colors. The cards are all printed in full color both front and back side. We use only high grade printing inks to produce them.

AR flashcards full color
bindable AR cards


Flashcards owners can bind the cards easily because we designed the cards to flip vertically and we also provide rainbow accent where the binder should be positioned.
A little caveat though. Binding the cards will avoid you from using some of the practice-mode features inside the augmented reality app.


The Augmented Reality App features


Fun Augmented Reality activities

The free-play mode will let your children explore the cards in a fun and educative ways without any constraints.

augmented reality app freeplay
augmented reality app practice mode

Independent learning system

Your children can learn independently in practice mode which consist of carefully designed step-by-step challenges, Parents can track their children progress easily.

Fun Augmented Reality activities

The free-play mode will let your children explore the cards in a fun and educative ways without any constraints.

augmented reality app educational games
animals flashcards AR unique

Unique graphic style

All of the augmented reality contents are developed and designed from scratch, not from stock artworks. They are designed to mimic the exact look and style of the card’s illustrations.

Available in all major platforms

The augmented reality app are developed with cross platform mindset from the start. Available for: Android, iOS, Amazon apps and Windows.

augmented reality apps multiple platform

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