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We are publishers focused on children educational products. We use technology and creativity as our main competitive advantage. We develop : games, books, augmented reality, virtual reality and any other media to achieve our mission.

blastocode products mission

Games are everywhere! We play them. Our children play them. Unfortunately not all games created equal. Some games do more harm to our children than good. We’ve seen violence, drugs and other negative reference from games effecting our children’s behavior in real life. Should we eliminate games from our children’s life? Of course no! “Playing” is children’s important activity. It is how they learn. It is how they think. The best way we can do is to provide good and safe games for our children to play and learn with.

Some of the mobile  games we already produce are:

Augmented Reality is a technology where we can see digital content merge seamlessly with physical world viewed through devices camera. This kind of connection enable us to enrich static physical objects to have content and interactivity that is useful to the users.

Our first Augmented Reality product is Flashcards Arabic Letters & Numbers launched since November 15 2016.

With Virtual Reality users can experience being in different places at different times. Virtual Reality opens up new possibilities to educational content development as well as to marketing and communication world. Currently we’re planning on developing educational VR products that will be launched in the near future -in sha Allah-.

Safe products for everyone

All of our apps are designed to be:


We design games as
a learning tool.


We believe that learning
should be a fun experience.


We develop games to be
fully shari’a compliance.

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