salat of the prophet - learn how to do muslim prayer correctly

Salat of the Prophet

-salallahu ‘alaihi wasallam-

Learn how to perform muslim prayer correctly with this app.

Why this is the best app to learn salat?

This app features:

Beautiful graphics.

Detailed 3D animation.

Audio narrations & recitation.

Based on authentic hadiths.

Fiqh variations explained.

Fully supported.

Continuously updated.
-in sha Allah-

Multi language.

What’s in it?

The contents of this app are:

Free version:

Learn how to do salat movement.

Dhikr and du’a after salah (unlock through share).

Salat movement quiz.

Pro version:

Available through inapppurchase.
The pro version get all of the free contents plus :

Preparation before salah.

Recitations during salah.

Unlock dhikr and du’a after salat automatically.

All of the quiz contents include the final quiz.

Turn off all in-app-advertising.

Include all future update contents -in sha Allah-.



What the users think about this app?

  • Excellent! Very useful to learn how to do salat following Rasulullah Salallahi alaihiwasalam.. you can use to educated your children.

  • img

    Andi Antoni

    Android user
  • A very useful application and well designed.

  • img

    Dadang Zulian

    Graphic designer
  • Alhamdulillah. Semoga kualitas shalat kaum muslimin lebih berkualitas lagi.

  • img

    Ikhwan Andrianto

    Hydraulic engineer
  • Luar biasa. Lengkap, akurat.

  • img

    Devi Achmad

  • Awesome!

  • img

    Syarif Hidayat

    Financial government
  • Remarkable app! The animations which describe salat movements are great, complete with audio and text description. I really love this app. Even kids will enjoy the content since it is colorful and easy to understand.

  • img admin

    Online merchant


Best 30 apps in Indonesia


Our app was chosen as one of the best 30 apps in Indonesia at GDG Prime 2015 event [ ]

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The app also gain good appreciation from a respectable muslim’s portal website “” as a salat app with authentic content based on sunnah Nabi -salallahu’ alaihi wasallam-. [ ]

Where to get this app?

The basic content is free! Get them now through these links!


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